Package dk.itu.smds.torusman

Interface Summary
Man Interface for structure holding current board for a man, along with callback handles for contacting the man.
Torus Interface for a Torus, that holds board data and coordinates information between players.

Class Summary
Board Data structure for holding board data.
Client The Class Client contains info about where to send local information.
ClientListener The listener interface for receiving client events.
ClientSender The Class ClientSender takes information and sends that information to the sender.
ClientTimeSender The Class ClientTimeSender.
DistTorus The Class DistTorus uses the methods of our implementation that lets the game run distributed.
InitGame Object for specifying initial game data.
LocalMan The Class LocalMan.
LocalTorus The Class LocalTorus.
ManData Data structure for holding information on a man's current position and direction.
Network The Class Network.
Scores A table of scores maps a team ID to its points.
ServerListener The listener interface for receiving server events.
ServerSender The Class ServerSender handles the sending of packages to all the connected clients.
ServerTime The Class ServerTime that holds information on how much time has elapsed on the server.
SInitGame The class SInitGame that sets up the game to use our implemenetation.
TCPServer The Class TCPServer creates a server that listens for connection from clients and then handles packaging to and from them.
TorusMan Tutorial example 1: a minimal program.
TorusManParameters Data structure holding parameters for initialising the game.