Uses of Class

Uses of Scores in dk.itu.smds.torusman

Fields in dk.itu.smds.torusman declared as Scores
 Scores LocalMan.scores
          A table mapping a teamID to current score.

Methods in dk.itu.smds.torusman that return Scores
 Scores DistTorus.addPoints(byte manId, byte teamId, int points)
          First adds the points of the local torus and then sends the points to all the other players in the game using the bluetooth sender and then returns the score.
 Scores LocalTorus.addPoints(byte manId, byte teamId, int points)
 Scores Torus.addPoints(byte manId, byte teamId, int points)
          Add points to team score.

Methods in dk.itu.smds.torusman with parameters of type Scores
 void LocalMan.updatePoints(Scores scores)
 void Man.updatePoints(Scores scores)
          Callback handle to be invoked when scores have been updated.