Package dk.itu.smds.torusman

Interface Summary
Man Interface for structure holding current board for a man, along with callback handles for contacting the man.
Torus Interface for a Torus, that holds board data and coordinates information between players.

Class Summary
Board Data structure for holding board data.
BTListener The listener interface for receiving BT events.
BTSender The class BTSender handles actions that need to be taken to be able to send information of the current player to all the other players on the bluetooth network.
DistTorus The class DistTorus holds all information about a torus used in the mobile version of the Torus game.
InitGame Object for specifying initial game data.
ManData Data structure for holding information on a man's current position and direction.
Network The Network class holds information about where to send packages in the network.
Scores A table of scores maps a team ID to its points.
Service The class Service that describes the url of a discovered service on the network.
SInitGame The Class SInitGame that sets up our implementation of the game.
TorusMan Tutorial example 1: a minimal program.
TorusManParameters Data structure holding parameters for initialising the game.